There are many efforts in today’s day and age to promote good health, and even though there are plenty of preventative measures for people to take for their health, there are still serious health issues that many Americans face every day. One of the biggest contributors to poor mental and physical health these days is due to high levels of stress. Fortunately, there are some basic steps that can be taken to help minimize stress in life including taking a little time daily to organize your life.

The health benefits of organization are easy to appreciate. With busy daily lives and long to do list, many people can easily lose track of the many things they have to accomplish in any given day. It’s easy to lose things when you’re tense and frantic, such as a wallet or car keys making you late for an important appointment. The stress of not being able to keep track of things, whether belongings or information, can build up and cause a rise in blood pressure (greater chances for headaches or ulcers) and anger. A rise in stress, anger, blood pressure and frustration isn’t good for anyone’s health.

Being organized will greatly minimize the chances of getting frustrated to dangerous levels. Simple efforts such as always having one place where you keep your keys and wallet at the end of the day, or always tracking your appointments and errands on a calendar of sorts, you can make daily life much easier.

Learning to prioritize will also greatly affect your daily stress level. If you’re sitting down to write a to do list and you can think of countless things to get done while worried you don’t have enough time in the day to do it all, take a step back and prioritize each item on the list in order of importance and urgency. The health benefits of organization come into play when you can come to terms with which things you can afford to let go and which tasks you have to get done to be able to sleep peacefully at night.

No one likes feeling like they have no control over their lives and are nothing more than a slave to a schedule that leaves little room for personal time and interests. By organizing your life, setting aside time for work and play, and assigning different tasks to different days and special places for storing items, you can better enjoy your own personal freedom without running around frantic.